Cryptid Creatures Podcast | Legends & Facts as a Narrative Story

Welcome to Cryptids Across the Atlas.

We’re your hosts, Cody and Elaine Johnston.

Although we have various passions and creative outlets, we both share a love for traveling and Halloween. As a way to create the fun and excitement of Halloween all year, we started this podcast to explore all things spooky and mysterious with road trip vibes sprinkled throughout. 

There’s nothing we love more than traveling the country with our Siberian Husky, Doppler, sitting around the campfire with a good cup of coffee in hand, and exchanging stories with one another. By leaning into the curiosity of things we can’t quite explain, the awe and wonder behind nature’s most beautiful scenery, and the rich folklore deeply rooted throughout, we’re able to bring you along the adventure into the great unknown. 

When we’re not on the road traveling or writing scripts for the show, Cody can be found in his home studio, orchestrating soundtracks for the adventurous. Aside from hours of researching cryptids from around the world, Elaine also explores the depth of fashion from historical pieces to how style can affect us psychologically to help women achieve their dream wardrobe.